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Turn Back the Clock with Phytoceramides

Dr. Oz recently made waves with his episode on How to Fake a Facelift . The good doctor invited two industry experts, an MD and a plastic surgeon, onto his show to explain how phytoceramides are able to reduce visible signs of aging. The theory is that ceramides taken as a supplement or used topically can provide results comparable to invasive in-office procedures, such as a facelift. Is Dr. Oz crazy, or is this actually possible?

The answer is a resounding YES! By using phytoceramides, also known as plant ceramides, you can regain a more youthful complexion without the expense and discomfort of plastic surgery or in-office treatments. To understand how this works, we first must remind ourselves how our skin uses ceramides.

The cells that comprise the outermost layer of the skin are held together with ceramides, a fatty substance that can be looked at as the glue that holds your skin together. Ceramides also work to attract and seal in moisture, keeping skin hydrated, supple, plump, and radiant.

Unfortunately, as we age, ceramide levels decrease due to environmental attacks, poor diet, and a number of other factors. Ceramide levels become so depleted that by age 60, the top layer of skin is around 30% thinner than it was in one’s youth. This ceramide loss accounts for or contributes to many visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and reduced elasticity. (Watch the below video for an animated example of how ceramides work.)

The truly fantastic news is that studies are showing that using ceramides in skin care can replenish the natural ceramides your skin has lost over time! New research proves that topical substances can and do travel down the hair follicles and pores in order to promote healthy cell growth, meaning that your new skin cells are made stronger and healthier while they’re actually growing.

Of all the ingredients that one could use in an attempt to achieve healthier, younger looking skin, phytoceramides is one of the few that has been proven to produce these results without causing irritation. This fact means that phytoceramides are the perfect ingredient for use on all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

Atopalm takes advantage of the efficacy and gentleness of plant-derived ceramides in the form of our multi-lamellar emulsion, also known as MLE. MLE is a combination of phytoceramides, fatty acids, and good cholesterol, and is actually identical to the skin’s natural lipid lamellar structure of the skin. This means that Atopalm’s MLE products are truly able to replenish and maintain a skin barrier that functions exactly as the skin’s natural barrier is meant to.

The results of MLE use are staggering. Not only do the phytoceramides and other ingredients work as a “natural face lift”, they also restore the skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture, allowing dry skin types to feel relief and regain features of healthy skin, including softness and radiance. In addition, sensitive skin is no longer bombarded by external aggressors, thereby diminishing redness, inflammation, and discomfort. MLE is a truly remarkable ingredient that is changing the world of skin care, one face at a time.

You don’t have to accept dry, red, or prematurely aging skin. Under every unhealthy complexion is natural beauty just waiting to get out! Unleash your healthy beauty by restoring your skin’s natural function with just one revolutionary product.

With just one skin care product, healthy function can be restored to your skin. And with healthy function comes a brighter skin tone, smoother skin texture, and even a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. But, you don’t have to take my word for it...

Fantastic...worked miracles on the skin around my eyes, which was suffering from a severe case of burning, itching dermatitis. Not only did this heal my skin, it looks even better than before. My face is smoother and softer than it’s been in years."
-KQuinones from Sunnyside, NY

So glad I tried it! This is an excellent product. I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I can already tell it has improved the lines on my face and is helping to firm my skin.”
- Barbara from Lafayette, CO

Great for sensitive skin. I've had a long history of problems with rosacea, acne, and seborrheic dermatitis--lots of products for “sensitive skin” cause problems for me, but my face seems to love this cream.”
- Denise from Washington DC

These sensitive skin sufferers found restoration in this incredible product, and you will, too. But, how does just one skin care product provide such astounding results? Here’s a look at some of the key functions provided by this dry skin cream, and how they’ll create healthier, younger-looking skin.

ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream

First, it’s formulated with only the purest, gentlest ingredients. Free of parabens and other troublesome fillers found in lesser skin care products, it promises to work without causing even more dryness and sensitivity in your already over- stressed skin.

Secondly, it neutralizes free radicals with nourishing antioxidants. Skin care antioxidants work by healing and preventing the cellular damage which leads to signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. When cells are happy and healthy, the skin remains looking youthful and beautiful.

Thirdly, it uses a patented, clinically-proven technology known as MLE, or Multi-Lamellar Emulsion. As discussed above, when the skin’s natural lipids are damaged or otherwise compromised, they aren’t able to seal in moisture or shield the skin against external aggressors, which leads to red, dry, sensitive skin.

Upon application, MLE creams are not greasy, heavy, or cloying. Instead, it soothes and calms the skin while replacing hydration and locking it in for long-lasting comfort. Once the skin is properly hydrated and protected, damage can be repaired, allowing the complexion to become naturally radiant, beautiful, and youthful-looking.

If you’re ready to feel the difference of properly moisturized skin, and see the difference between prematurely aging skin and beautifully youthful-looking skin, then you’re ready to try Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream. For only $9,you can banish dryness, redness, and sensitivity. You can turn back the hands of time by smoothing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. You can create a smoother, more supple complexion. You can feel more confident and beautiful. You can put your best face forward!

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For a total of just $9, you can have ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream shipped straight to your door!

Intensive Moisturizing Cream (1 oz)


OUR PRICE: $9.00

If you’re still not sure that Intensive Moisturizing Cream is for you...
take a moment to consider that it was created by a doctor to treat dermatitis and similar conditions. This means that it was professionally formulated to work well, work fast, and work without side effects. To see just how well this dry skin cream works, take a look at these before and after photos, and let them speak for themselves.

For dry skin, for sensitive skin, for damaged skin, for aging skin, for recently treated skin, and for ailing skin...
Intensive Moisturizing Cream is the last skin care cream you’ll ever need.

On top of being the perfect skin care treatment for dry, aging skin, Intensive Moisturizing Cream is the ideal post-treatment cream for skin after microdermabrasion and other in-office treatments. It helps skin feel pampered and comfortable, while promoting faster healing, which allows you to see your desired results in less time.

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