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How Korean Skin Care Transforms Your Skin

By now, you’ve heard all about Korean skin care and how it’s supposed to transform your skin like nothing else can. The multi-step Korean skin care regimen touted by beauty magazines and beauty bloggers alike is said to pamper, nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin; but is it the regimen or the Korean-formulated products that create such fantastic results?

Turns out, it’s a little bit of both. While the Korean skincare routine does have some unique benefits, most of the benefits are ones you’d reap by following any strict routine to the letter. The difference between a traditional routine and the Korean routine lies mainly in how the skin is actually treated, and what the products are meant to do.

In Korea, skin is treated with respect. You won’t find anyone tugging or pulling the skin; lotions are dabbed on instead of rubbed in. Every step is taken seriously, from cleansing to sun protection. When it comes to the 10-step Korean skin care regimen, each step requires time and effort not normally seen in the average skin care routine.

Atopalm BB Cream
In addition, Korean skin care products are usually targeted formulations that tackle just one issue at a time. Instead of a cleanser/toner followed by a moisturizer/sunscreen, you have individual products for every single concern. You have a cleanser for makeup removal and a cleanser for face purification. Then, you have a toner, essence, multiple serums, moisturizer, SPF...The list goes on. All of this is because of the belief that each skin care issue deserves its own time and treatment, rather than lumping everything together for convenience.

The one time this rule is broken is with a BB Cream. BB Creams, or beauty balm creams, were originally designed to help calm and moisturize post-treatment skin while providing light coverage for redness. In Korea, BB Creams took off thanks to their gentle nature, and the natural-looking coverage they provide.

Although the now famous Korean skin care regimen will certainly help your skin look great, it’s not always feasible for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their skin care routine - nor is it necessary to take that time! That’s where Atopalm comes in.

Formulated and manufactured in Korea, Atopalm promises the gentleness and beauty that Korean skin care is known for, without demanding so much time and effort. Atopalm offers paraben-free formulas that have been the #1 skin care for sensitive skin in Korea for 9 years and counting!

Try Atopalm today and see for yourself that you can achieve calm, beautiful skin without the rigorous 10-step regimen.
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