The Skin Barrier Science

One of the great mysteries in our world has always been the human body. A miraculous organism whose secrets science has always attempted to unlock. Illness and disease, health and healing. Many of the keys have been found down deep, in the very cellular structure of the body’s organs.

The largest of these organs is the skin. The skin is the body’s first protector from the harsh elements. As with all organs, when skin is damaged, true healing happens at the cellular level. That basic cellular level is made up of a molecule called the Maltese Cross, a fundamental building block found in most living organisms, including the food we eat. It is here, with this microscopic cross-shaped structure, that a deep mystery of life meets science to bring healing to the very deepest level of the human skin: the skin barrier.

The Maltese Cross takes its name from the Maltese Cross that symbolizes the Order of the Knights of Malta. Centuries ago, merchants who settled in the Holy City of Jerusalem during the Crusades, established a hospital for wounded pilgrims and knights. As the Crusades progressed, these merchants organized into an order of knights who protected pilgrims from the bloody battles of the Crusades. In later years, the knights were forced to leave the Holy Land. They found refuge on the Island of Malta where they continued to run a hospital to treat pilgrims and wounded knights. The order became known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, commonly known as the Knights of Malta.

The Knights of Malta conducted their lives on the eight principles of faith, repentance, humility, justice, mercy, sincerity and whole-heartedness. Each virtue was represented by a point that formed what came to be as the Maltese Cross. Later in the twentieth century, when the molecular structure of the skin barrier was discovered, it was named the Maltese Cross because of its miraculous resemblance to the Maltese Cross of the Knights of Malta.

It is at this confluence of faith and science that the possibility for deep healing of skin was discovered and the Maltese Formula was born. Just as the Knights of Malta protected and healed the wounded and vulnerable during the time of the Crusades, the Maltese Formula is designed to protect and to heal the skin at the deepest level of the skin barrier.

The skin barrier protects the internal organs of the body from bacteria, holding in precious life-giving water. Like a brick wall, the Maltese Cross molecules form the brick and mortar that protect the body’s insides. When that brick wall is damaged, then bacteria can invade. On a molecular level, the Maltese Cross molecules become misshapen and need healing to restore their shape and reinforce the brick wall so that it can once again protect the body.

In 1995, scientist Dr. Raymond Park came across information about the Maltese Cross molecule. He researched the origin of this molecule’s name and was stunned by this seemingly spiritual connection between faith and the physical world. Having found his mission to develop a healing solution for the skin barrier and to bring relief to all suffering from skin ailments, he began his research. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, he had developed the Maltese Formula, known scientifically as MLE, “Multi-Lamella Emulsion.”

Years of trial and error led Dr. Park to develop MLE, the core component that holds together the brick and mortar of the skin barrier. He discovered that by reproducing this cellular structure and finding a way to introduce it deep into the layers of skin, that the damaged Maltese Cross molecules would be repaired and strengthened, healing the skin from deep within.

Confident in the formula’s safety and effectiveness, he conducted the clinical trials on his own infant son who suffered from dermatitis. As he’d hypothesized, his son’s skin healed and he knew he had a formula that must be brought to the world. In 2000, Dr. Park founded NeoPharm through which he began to market the Maltese Formula. Safe for all skin types, the Maltese Formula, presented in the line of ATOPALM MLE cream, brings its healing, moisturizing and protecting properties, soothing redness and dryness, including that which comes from conditions such as dermatitis and rosacea.

Restoring health and beauty to skin is at the core of Dr. Park’s philosophy and mission and its healing solution has helped so many that ATOPALM products have been rated the number one brand in Korea for ten years.

Deeply moved by the steadfast zeal and devotion shown by the knights of St. John of Malta to the sick during the last 900 years, NeoPharm USA, a leader in skin science, wishes to contribute to humankind through its devotion to beautiful, healthy skin.