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This rich cream was developed for those who require serious skin care. With long lasting moisture benefits that are derived from a combination of specialty ingredients, it helps to repair a damaged skin barrier.

The MLE® skin barrier formula recreates the Maltese cross structure found inside healthy skin
Patented ceramide complex is applied and the MLE® skin barrier formula, which recreates skin compounds and structure that is the most similar to real skin, strengthens weakened skin barrier and keeps skin moist from deep inside, creating a 72-hour moisturizing effect.

Tight texture full of elasticity forms a real skin barrier protecting membrane
It contains Idealift, a skin firmness-boosting compound, which firms up sagging skin. It penetrates deep inside skin, thereby moisturizing and smoothening it without leaving a sticky or greasy feel.

Three-calming Complex soothes and protects skin.
The complex blend of panthenol, madecassoside, and allantoin protects skin from the harmful external environment.

Completed clinical trial test that has proven its skin-barrier reinforcing effect
Completed clinical trial test that has proven its 72-hour moisturizing effect

Completed test that has proven it does not irritate skin
Free of 10 additives that are harmful to skin

Proven 72-hour moisturizing and skin barrier improvement!

Formulated with natural humectants to reinforce our skin barrier

What is a skin barrier?

Skin barrier consists of dead skin cells and lipids in between cells. Located at the outermost layer of skin, it "protects the skin surface."

What happens when the skin barrier falls apart?

When the skin barrier weakens, moisture inside skin evaporates, causing skin to dry out..
As a result, harmful compounds from the exterior easily penetrate inside skin, possibly causing troubles.

Sensitive skin with a weakened skin barrier


Uses internationally patented MLE® technology
Recreates the same compounds and structure of real skin, thereby reinforcing the weakened skin barrier.
"Maltese cross" structure is clearly visible when observed with a polarizing microscope.

Creates a real skin barrier!

Confirm with your own eyes why it is a REAL skin barrier!

Maltese cross structure must exist to confirm that it is a real skin barrier!
Confirm with your own eyes-clearly visible Maltese cross structure appears after using the MLE® skin barrier formula.

ATOPALM Real Barrier uses Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE®) technology, which reinforces the skin barrier that you can confirm and observe with your own eyes.
A Maltese cross structure can be seen through a polarizing microscope in ATOPALM Real Barrier Cream. The crosses reinforce the weakened skin barrier function.

Three-Calming Complex: complex compound that soothes skin

As a highly enriched real-barrier soothing complex that contains panthenol, allantoin, and madecassoside, it instantly soothes skin turned sensitive because of external stimuli. Also, it protects skin from becoming more sensitive.

Instantly soothes and protects skin, which can easily become sensitive due to the harmful external environment

50 mL

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It is great for dry and rosacea skin October 24, 2017
Reviewer: Sunie Kong from San antonio, TX United States  
I’m middle of 50’s and my skin turned dry and redness.
I tried to put on many of skin care products but those didn’t work out.
A friend of mine recommend me to use extreme moisture cream and this cream is great for my dry skin.

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Great addition to my regimen September 28, 2017
Reviewer: Sarah DeVore  
Things I love and *maybe* have too much of: 1. Books 2. Sweaters 3. Games 4. Stationary 5. Moisturizers 6. Sunscreen 7. Lipstick ... So here we are with a review of a new moisturizer! As I stated I love moisturizers, and this one is no exception. This is definitely a thicker cream so I have been using it at night, and it is quite nice. Although this cream is thick, it absorbs well and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth! Definitely a great nighttime cream for me and I think I want to keep it up by my bed for if I get up there and feel a little dry still. Is that weird? *shrugs* This bad boy is definitely staying in the rotation of active products!

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Great texture September 28, 2017
Reviewer: Julia Scott  
First off I love that this cream comes with a free spatula to scop the cream out of its container. I like the texture of the product AND there is little to no scent in the cream and I love that! It does feel a teeny bit greasy, but I prefer gel based creams so it may just be my preference. I would maybe buy this again if I found it on sale. And I really like their essence in the spray bottle. So easy

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Good for dry skin or winter skin care September 28, 2017
Reviewer: Katy Slover  
I like it so far. It is thicker so it would probably be better for most people during the winter when they need more moisture but this should soothe dry skin any time. This didn't cause any breakouts during the two days i have used it so I'm hoping it will stay that way. If you have damaged your moisture barrier this will work well to restore your skin's balance.

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New night cream September 28, 2017
Reviewer: Ashysaurusrex  
I used this cream fresh out of the shower and it definitely soothed my skin and soaked in very well. The consistency of the cream is pretty thick, so I would recommend this as a night/winter cream. It is intended for those with sensitive skin. There was no sticky or greasy feel, I was impressed how quickly it soaked in despite it having such a thick consistency. It almost had a bit of a minty smell to me. I definitely recommend this for people who need some soothing for their skin or get dry skin in the winter.

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